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The International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA) is the leading independent non-profit professional association, dedicated to supporting aromatherapy practitioners in Australia and internationally. IAAMA is committed to ensuring quality of standards in Aromatherapy and to serve as a valued resource for professional Aromatherapists, health providers and the general public.


IAAMA is actively involved in furthering the public perception and knowledge of therapeutic aromatherapy and safe and effective application of essential oils in everyday life.


  • Services for Members

    All IAAMA members are bound to uphold a high standard of ethical and professional conduct through adherence to practitioner accreditation standards, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and has robust self-regulatory processes. The Association collaborates with key stakeholders in the health industry to continually improve services and practices.


    IAAMA accepts individual practitioners for membership subject to formal approval based on qualifications defined by the Australian National Training Quality Framework and supported by the Health Training Package or based on qualifications provided by an international affiliated school that has successfully met the IAAMA requirements via a thorough assessment of their training programs.

  • Services for the Public

    IAAMA provides an online referral service to the public for both professional members and schools.


    Members of the public can search for a professional practitioner online on the IAAMA website.


    Schools providing training that meets the high standards of IAAMA are listed online on the IAAMA website.


    Working with Health Care Commissions in all States and Territories of Australia, IAAMA is committed to best practice and will respond to complaints about its members in a timely manner.

  • Health Funds

    IAAMA is highly regarded as the Association that set the standards for Aromatherapy in Australia and meets the standards set by the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules 2011. IAAMA accredited professional members are recognised nationally by the major health funds that cover aromatherapy.


    List of Health Funds that recognize IAAMA Accredited Professional Members (as at October 2017)

    • AHM (Australian Health Management)

    • Australian Unity Health

    • BUPA

    • CBHS Health

    • Cessnock & District Health Benefits Fund

    • Defence Health

    • Health Care Insurance

    • Health Partners

    • Medibank

    • Navy Health

    • Phoenix Health

    • Teachers Federation Health

    • Teachers Union Health

    • Transport Health

    • Westfund

  • Constitution

    The International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Incorporated (IAAMA) was first registered as an association in September 1993 as The International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australian Branch) Incorporated. In January 2008, the Association registered a change to the current name, International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Incorporated. The constitution was adopted in 1993, reviewed in conjunction with the change in name in 2008 and last reviewed in October 2017 under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.


    The constitution defines the objects of the Association, criteria for membership, governance and management of the Association.


    The Objects of the Association


    The Objects for which the Association is established shall include such activities as determined from time to time and shall include and enable the Association:


    a. To promote the preservation of health by advancing the knowledge, practice of and expertise in Aromatherapy by education and training and other lawfully charitable means.

    b. To promote the establishment and maintenance of a program of professional standards for the practice of Aromatherapy by making available and emanating as widely as possible, all available information relating to the practice of Aromatherapy.


    c. To promote the establishment of ethical and professional standards for the practice of Aromatherapy for the benefits of the general public and the members of the profession.


    d. To promote the support and encouragement of the scientific research applicable to Aromatherapy and its practice.


    e. To promote the establishment and maintenance of a program to inform the general public of the benefits of Aromatherapy and the requirements for the ethical and professional practice thereof.


    To view the constitution, please click the link below.

    IAAMA Constitution


  • Code of Ethics & Code of Practice


    The Code of Ethics reflects the values of IAAMA and aims to protect the reputation of Aromatherapy generally as well as protecting the professional reputation of IAAMA members. It sets out the professional conduct expected of members of IAAMA.



    The Code of Conduct assists members in ensuring their practice operates in accordance with the core values of IAAMA. It gives a basis for assistance to members to provide professional aromatherapy services.


    To view the Code of Ethics please click here.

    To view the Code of Practice please click here.



    In early 2015, all Australian State and Territory government health ministers agreed to a National Code of conduct for health care workers (National Code) to help give greater protection to consumers for services provided by certain health care practitioners. Aromatherapy practitioners are included in the National Code.


    The purpose of the National Code is to protect the public by setting minimum standards of conduct and practice for all unregistered health care workers who provide a health service and for registered health practitioner who provide a service unrelated to their registration.


    It will be up to each State and Territory to examine how the National Code is implemented and progressed.

    It is recommended that all members of IAAMA familiarize themselves and comply with the National Code in their state. Generally, a copy of the National Code must be displayed or made available in all premises where they work. This will also apply to mobile services. They must also make available a document which outlines how a complaint can be made.


    As at April 2017, four states have established Codes of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners or code-regulation regimes. They are New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.


    The National Codes applicable in each state can be downloaded from the following websites. A poster and information flyers are also available for download from these websites.


    New South Wales: New South Wales Government – Health


    South Australia: Health and Community Services Complaints Commission


    Queensland: Queensland Health


    Victoria: Health Complaints Commission


    Further information about the development of the National Code of Conduct, including reports and communiques released by Health Ministers can be found here.


  • Complaints

    The IAAMA Constitution states that a member may be disciplined if that member breaches the Code of Ethics, breaches the Constitution or IAAMA rules or otherwise willfully acted in a manner unacceptable to the Association.


    Members of the Public and IAAMA members can lodge a complaint with the IAAMA Council.




    PO Box 5058

    BRASSALL   QLD   4305


    0438 511 415


    The Association may choose to act on a complaint or instigate discipline of a member if matters come to its attention.

  • IAAMA Council

    The International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Incorporated is an incorporated association and governed by a management committee called “The Council”. The Council comprises 9 members who are responsible for the financial affairs, governance and legal requirements of the Association and reports to New South Wales Government Fair Trading under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (Section 49).


    Committees assist The Council in the implementation of projects. All Council Members and Committee Members serve the interests of the Association, the public and the profession of Aromatherapy.


    Regionals Groups meet regularly for networking meetings or professional development activities. For more information about Regional Groups please email nationalliaison@iaama.org.au.

International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Inc.

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The International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, is the leading independent non-profit professional association dedicated to support aromatherapy practitioners in Australia and overseas.

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