Code of Ethics

As a member of the IAAMA, I will at all times abide by the Code of Ethics, to:

  1. Conduct myself at all times in a professional and ethical manner in regard to my clients, fellow health care professionals and the general public
  2. Recognise that my primary obligation is towards the client and at all times must practice my skills to the best of my ability for the benefit of the client. The comfort and welfare of the client must always have priority over any other requirements 
  3. Give consultations, assessments and treatments that are performed with the full consent of the client (or the parent/guardian in the case of minors), including informed financial consent (either written or verbal) before commencing treatment. 
  4. Maintain client confidentiality and not divulge information gained or recommendations given during consultation to other persons without the client’s consent, except where required by law 
  5. Not deliberately mislead any client or member of the public in any way. Especially regarding the potential benefits of Aromatherapy and shall, wherever possible, educate the public regarding the actual benefits of Aromatherapy. This includes not claiming to cure any condition or make claims that cannot be substantiated. 
  6. Ensure the highest possible standard of hygiene, quality of materials and safety of equipment used 
  7. Not knowingly treat any person needing medical treatment except with the approval of their doctor 
  8. Maintain my premises in such condition as to reflect credit on the profession of Aromatherapy 
  9. Only provide services within the scope and limits of my training and where necessary refer clients to the appropriate qualified professionals 
  10. Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct / activities with clients 
  11. Not criticize, condemn or otherwise denigrate other health care professionals either in writing or verbally, before clients or the general public 
  12. Undertake continuing education and increase my Aromatherapy skills and professional knowledge whenever possible 
  13. Maintain complete records of each client, including details of referrals and recommendations 
  14. Refrain from using any mind-altering drugs or alcohol prior to or during any Aromatherapy consultation 
  15. Upon being found to be in breach of this Code of Ethics and/or the IAAMA’s Code of Practice or Constitution, surrender and return my membership certificate to the Association.