Continuing Professional Education





All Accredited Professional members of IAAMA are required to provide evidence of continuing professional education (CPE). CPE is part of our Constitution, is listed in the Code of Ethics, and is a requirement of agreements with health funds.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a crucial aspect of working as a practicing Aromatherapist. Your clients have the right to expect competent and up-to-date services from you.


What is CPE?

CPE is continuing professional education to maintain and advance knowledge and skills. Most professions have CPE obligations. IAAMA members need to be able to demonstrate that they are continuing to maintain and enhance their current competency and skills related to aromatherapy, are developing professionally and improving the quality of health care provided to clients.

Effective CPE emphasises active participation in learning; is practical; is relevant to your practice; and is carried out on an ongoing basis throughout your Aromatherapy career. CPE can occur through a wide variety of formal and informal activities.


Formal learning activities may include distance or on-line education modules, conferences and seminars, research, presentation of work via seminars or journal publications or in-service education programs.


Informal learning activities may be self-study (reference materials, journals, text books etc), clinical case discussion with colleagues (regional groups), self-directed informal research (on-line research, reading journal articles, textbooks).


Recording CPE Activities.

All CPE activities must be recorded on the CPE Log and a professional portfolio kept by the member. The CPE Log must be included with membership
renewal and the professional portfolio retained by the member in the event of audit.


A professional portfolio should include:

the CPE log of all activities undertaken;

Evidence of attendance (e.g. notes, handouts, certificates of attendance, proof of enrolment, articles published
and/or presentations made);

Assessments for formal learning content;

Self-reflections (minimum 150 words) on activities undertaken where the above evidence is not available.


Points to
be Aware Of:

A minimum of 10 points per year must be aromatherapy related topics.

Lunch breaks are not included in the count of CPE points.

Accredited members must accrue a minimum of 20 points per year.

CPE Log sheets must be submitted with your renewal form each year.

Renewals are due no later than 30th April each year.

Membership will lapse where renewal is not received by 30th April each year.

If a membership lapses, the member must re-apply for membership and meet the current accredited training standards (HLT51407 Diploma of Aromatherapy OR HLT52315 Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy OR HLT60907 Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine) or have their previous qualification upgraded by a Registered Training Organisation.

Current First Aid Certificates and Professional Indemnity Certificates of Insurance must be forwarded to the IAAMA office as they are renewed throughout the year. Expired First Aid or Insurance Certificates will cause a membership to lapse.


If you have any questions about Continuing Professional Education (CPE) please call Maxine Kohn, Secretary & Membership Coordinator on 0438 511 415.