Membership Applications and Renewals


For information about your renewal, please contact IAAMA administration -


  • Anatomy and Physiology - Professional training minimum of 100 hours & recognized by the IAAMA
  • Massage - Professional training minimum of 100 hours & recognized by the IAAMA.
  • Aromatherapy - Graduating certificate issued by an IAAMA accredited course
  • Insurance Cover - It is compulsory for all IAAMA Accredited members to hold malpractice insurance with coverage for professional indemnity, public liability and blending their own essential oils.
  • First Aid -IAAMA Accredited members must hold a current (senior) First Aid Certificate Level 2 
  • Obtain 20 points / hours of continuing professional education (CPE) each year
  • Renew malpractice insurance (professional indemnity and public liability) annually
  • Renew workplace first aid certification on expiry (valid for three years)


Payment of the application fee and membership fee must accompany this application. Payments should be by cheque, money order or credit card (Visa, Bankcard, MasterCard). Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the "International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association Inc" and drawn in Australian currency.


The IAAMA have negotiated a professional indemnity and public/products liability insurance product exclusively for our members. Please contact Rowland House Insurance Brokers (Aust) Pty Ltd on (1800 642 799) or Oamps Insurance Brokers on (1800 222 012) and request a copy of the appropriate questionnaire and policy. 

All applicants must submit proof of their insurance with this application in the form of a certificate of currency. Insurance with other companies must state that Aromatherapy is covered and the date’s insurance cover commenced and expires.


Student members of the IAAMA upgrading to Accredited membership - Students have one month from the date of their student membership expiring to upgrade.


Each photocopy of a document submitted as evidence of qualification must be made from original documents. Each such photocopy must be shown to an authorized person who will, on the face of each sheet, certify ‘I certify that this document is a true copy of original which I have seen’, sign next to the certification and provide identification.

The following are authorized persons acceptable for certification of "true copies":

  • Accredited members of the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association - who should provide their name and membership number as identification.
  • Officers of an Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate Overseas. An official stamp must accompany the signature as identification.
  • A Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner for Declarations in Australia whose full name and address or registered number should also be shown as identification.


Applications should be sent by mail to the IAAMA. Please help us to process your application by ensuring that you apply for the category of membership for which you are eligible and that you have complied with all the requirements.


The IAAMA looks forward to welcoming new members and confirming such with qualification documents. The IAAMA sets the standards for Aromatherapy practice throughout Australasia and the requirements for Accredited membership are quite high. Should a person be declined membership the IAAMA recommends further study where necessary or joining the IAAMA in a different category until all requirements are reached. When applying for membership please include all the necessary documentation with the application form. This will speed up the process considerably and assist us in processing your application quickly. All applications are considered with due care and consideration.


  • Accredited Members have access to the following services and benefits;
  • Membership Certificate
  • Permitted use of the initials M-IAAMA
  • Use of IAAMA logo
  • Eligible to nominate for IAAMA Council, Regional co-coordinator or Sub committee
  • Full voting rights
  • Access to all IAAMA meetings, activities and events
  • Access to member Forums via the website
  • Automatic subscription to the IAAMA journal "Simply Essential" 
  • Full access to all merchandise and promotional literature
  • Provider status with recognized private health insurance schemes
  • Automatic inclusion in practitioner listing for referral to general public


Membership is renewed on 30 April each year. A renewal notice is sent to all members and payable no later than 30 April of each year to maintain membership.