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Your Right to Complementary Medicine is Under Threat

The government is set to remove 17 complementary therapies from government health rebates. This will include aromatherapy, massage, naturopathy, herbal medicine, bowen therapy and homeopathy.


Two out of three Australians utilise Natural Therapies to treat and manage a variety of health complaints resulting in a happier, healthier, less medicated society. Big Pharmaceutical wants this revenue back and the government is happy to oblige.


If you support your right to choose how you manage and treat your health, join the campaign now at #yourhealthyourchoice

So Essential Oils Have No Therapeutic Benefits?

All indications are that theTGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has declared essential oils not to be therapeutic goods, transferring regulatory oversight of these products to the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).


What does this mean for aromatherapy? In an unregulated environment, the supply of aromatherapy products of unknown quality and being promoted for internal use is a significant public safety concern.


IAAMA considers that the role of the TGA is to ensure Australians have the opportunity to choose high quality products that are safe for use.


The IAAMA has written to the Federal Minister for Health, Minister Greg Hunt stating our concerns with the decision of the TGA and seeking the government’s assurance that the TGA listens to industry feedback and retains the regulatory safeguards currently in place under Option 1.


To read this letter click here.

Why we need a Research Agency for Complementary Therapies

The bias and misinformation in the recently prepared report by the National Health and Medical Research Council claims to have found that 17 natural therapies are ineffective.

This may lead to :

• Insurance rebates for natural therapies being scrapped

• Natural medicines being banned from sale

• Practitioners being unable to access ingredients or products

• Educational institutions having to shut down

• Practitioners being prosecuted for using “ineffective treatments”


This second petition will be presented to the House of Representatives.

This link has a very short video explaining this issue that will affect all Australians who now access natural health therapies. It is compelling viewing.


Your support by signing both petitions is very important if we are to expose the bias and misinformation in the report prepared by NHMRC.

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